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By Halil
25 January 2021
Learn how to use Portals in React
Portals, a very useful feature that would be a great combination with Modals. Lets dive and learn what are those and how to implement one.
By Halil
18 January 2021
How to create and use HOC ( Higher Order Components ) in React
During your React career, you must have came through some terms and patters like Higher Order Components but maybe you didn't understand them at first look. So here I am going to give some explanation about what HOC are and of course some examples.
1.8K 0
By xhuljan
19 January 2021
AdBlock detection in JavaScript
Detect if a visitor is using AdBlock on your site using pure JavaScript
867 2
By Halil
19 January 2021
Learn how to use the useMemo hook
Have you ever wonder what is the useMemo hook and how can we use it? Well i am going to make it very clear for you what it is and how to use it and when to use it.
886 0
By Halil
19 January 2021
Custom hooks made easy
So you ever notices you used the same pieces of codes in the different components ? If you could do something better and cleaner ? Well maybe creating custom react hooks can come in handy.
755 0
By Halil
14 January 2021
JavaScript ES2020 Features
This article introduces the features provided by ES2020 in easy code examples. In this way, you can quickly understand the new features without the need for a complex explanation.
650 0
By xhuljan
08 January 2021
Capitalizing only first letter with CSS
Easy way to capitalize only the first letter in CSS
1.4K 0
By xhuljan
08 January 2021
Burger menu animation with CSS and JavaScript
Creating cross animation on burger menu with CSS animation and JavaScript
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